Balita Usia 2 Tahun Meninggal Dianiaya oleh Kekasih Ibu, Sangat Menyedihkan!

Balita Usia 2 Tahun Meninggal Dianiaya oleh Kekasih Ibu, Sangat Menyedihkan!

Tragedy Strikes as 2-Year-Old Toddler Dies at the Hands of His Mother’s Lover

Surabaya – Police have named a man named RS (27) as a suspect in the assault of a two-year-old boy who eventually died. The incident took place in a boarding house on Jalan Kutisari Utara 5, Surabaya.

RS is the lover of the victim’s mother, identified as SF. They lived together after SF was expelled by the victim’s biological father. At that time, the child sometimes stayed with the mother or father.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at the Surabaya City Police, AKBP Hendro Sukmono, explained that the incident began when the victim was entrusted to RS by his mother on Tuesday (13/2). At that time, SF received a call for a job interview, so she left her child with RS, who worked as a driver. The child was left at 10:00 AM.

After that, SF tried to contact RS via a video call at 4:00 PM, but it was not answered. Then, SF tried to call again and it was answered. SF asked about the condition of her child, and RS replied that the child was sleeping.

When SF returned to her boarding house at 5:00 PM, she saw her child and RS asleep. When she tried to wake her child up, SF saw that the child did not respond and was cold.

Next, SF noticed signs of violence on her child’s body. Subsequently, the victim was pronounced dead.

The chronology of the death of this two-year-old toddler is a tragedy that has shaken many people. Hopefully, this incident can serve as a lesson for everyone to be more careful in choosing a partner and to safeguard the safety of children.

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