Mobil Listrik Neta V Memiliki 2 Fitur yang Dapat Meningkatkan Efisiensi Baterai

Mobil Listrik Neta V Memiliki 2 Fitur yang Dapat Meningkatkan Efisiensi Baterai

Neta V electric car has become one of the products that adorn the lineup of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the national automotive market. Although PT Neta Auto Indonesia as the distributor in the country has only introduced Neta V, this electric car already has various attractive features. Yes, Neta has smart features designed to increase battery efficiency. Want to know what these features are? Here’s the review:

1. One Pedal
According to Product Planning Manager PT NETA Auto Indonesia, Jordy Angkawidjaja, the One Pedal feature on Neta V can provide a more modern driving experience and improve battery efficiency while driving. “In addition, drivers can easily control the acceleration and braking of Neta V using only one pedal,” said Jordy in a written statement on Saturday (17/2/2024). One Pedal has an integrated regenerative braking system, where this feature works every time the accelerator pedal is used, the kinetic energy generated will be converted into electrical energy which is then stored back into the car’s battery. By using this feature, it can function to increase battery power and also minimize driving fatigue in heavy traffic, making driving more efficient.

“This feature is very suitable for use in heavy traffic conditions or in urban areas such as Jakarta,” claimed Jordy. Oh, the use of the One Pedal feature can actually be activated or deactivated according to the driver’s needs. The way to activate this feature is also very easy, just access the ‘Vehicle Settings’ menu on the Head Unit and find and click ‘One Pedal’ to activate it.

2. Cruise Control
In addition to One Pedal, another feature that can be used to help the Neta V electric car save battery power is the Cruise Control feature. Because Cruise Control can help the driver to maintain a stable and automatic speed without needing to step on the gas pedal or brake. This smart feature can also increase comfort and reduce fatigue for the driver during long journeys. “Features like One Pedal and Cruise Control on Neta V are specifically designed to provide a more efficient and comfortable driving experience,” said Jordy. To activate Cruise Control, the driver only needs to lower the transmission lever located on the right side when the car is at a minimum speed of 60 km/h. After that, the feature will work immediately to maintain a stable speed, so the driver does not need to step on the gas pedal anymore. This feature is very suitable for activation when driving on a clear road or toll road during long journeys. However, it should also be noted that when activating Cruise Control, the One Pedal feature will automatically deactivate, so it needs to be reactivated if you want to use it.

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