Asta Cita Prabowo Gibran

Asta Cita

By Prabowo Subianto, excerpted from “National Transformation Strategy: Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045,” pages 217-219, fourth softcover edition.

Achieving a prosperous and advanced Indonesia is a formidable journey, one that requires a shared, unwavering vision.

To successfully implement the 8 Quick Impact Programs and 17 Priority Programs, we must unite under a common goal. I have summarized this national developmental ambition into the following eight ‘Asta Cita’.

Vision 1:

Strengthen the foundation of Pancasila ideology, democracy, and human rights.

Vision 2:

Consolidate the national defense and security system and foster national self-reliance through self-sufficiency in food, energy, water, Islamic economy, digital economy, green economy, and blue economy.

Vision 3:

Continue infrastructure development and improve quality employment opportunities, promote entrepreneurship, expand the creative industry, and develop agro-maritime industries in production centers through active cooperative involvement.

Vision 4:

Enhance human resource development, science, technology, education, health, sports achievements, gender equality, and empower the roles of women, youth (millennials and Generation Z), and persons with disabilities.

Vision 5:

Continue downstream processing and develop natural resource-based industries to increase domestic value-added.

Vision 6:

Build from the village and grassroots for economic growth, economic equity, and poverty eradication.

Vision 7:

Intensify political, legal, and bureaucratic reform, and strengthen the prevention and eradication of corruption, drugs, gambling, and smuggling.

Vision 8:

Enhance alignment with a harmonious life in the environment, nature, and culture, and increase religious tolerance to achieve a just and prosperous society.

God willing, if we share this vision for our nation’s development over the next five years, if we all pray and strive to realize these Eight Asta Cita, we will succeed in our mission.