Satyagraha: Our Guiding Principle for Action

Satyagraha: Our Guiding Principle for Action

By Prabowo Subianto, excerpted from “National Transformation Strategy: Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045,” pages 230-234, fourth softcover edition.

I’m reaching out for your support—real, tangible support.

Big investors, those looking to colonize our homeland, claim that Indonesia is easy to manipulate; its citizens and leaders can be bought off.

We find ourselves in a situation that demands our vigilance. We cannot afford to be complacent. We need to be alert, remind one another, and lend each other support. As a significant nation, it’s our duty to protect each other.

Let us unite. Unity is essential.

Let’s prove that the Indonesian people still harbor noble dreams, that we possess a sense of dignity, and that we’re not for sale. Indonesians refuse to be subjugated or enslaved. We aspire to be a people of honor.

To all who read this book:

State what’s true as true, and what’s wrong as wrong. Is it acceptable that our wealth continuously flows outwards and we’re expected to acquiesce? Is it destined that our people only serve others, merely exist as a market, or receive meager wages?

If you believe this situation is justifiable, then what stance do we take?

However, if you deem it unjust, and believe we can change and protect our riches, then the only path forward is to step up and lead the people.

Lead with knowledge, with heart, with recommendations, with education, and with a commitment to our nation.

Let’s ground our struggle in “satyagraha,” as exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi in India, Martin Luther King in America, and Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

Satyagraha signifies a nonviolent, relentless fight based on truth—a struggle that embraces and unites all.

Trust that truth will prevail; it cannot be vanquished. What matters is our courage, our resilience, and our willingness to make sacrifices.

Our nation’s founders—Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Bung Syahrir, Pak Dirman, Governor Suryo, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, and all the pioneers—taught us that if we do not surrender, if we are brave and steadfast, truth will ultimately triumph. We must be ready to face hardships and sufferings.

What are our options? To surrender and obey every command, or to stand as a dignified nation, understanding and defending our rights and the rights of our people?

We must believe in our substantial strength. Our defense system, HANKAMRATA, or total people’s defense, has proven effective against colonizers.

This people’s power needs to be carefully organized and constantly nurtured. Yes, from person to person, build this force. Start with five, then ten, and so on. Hold discussions. Talk about the contents of this book in your homes. Plan, and in time, I will announce our course of action.

Clearly, we are faced with two options. Stand with dignity as a nation of warriors, or remain forever subjugated, a nation of servants, weak, purchasable, corruptible. The choice lies within each of us.

I believe we can, we must undertake a significant transformation for our nation.

Let’s prove that among Indonesians, there are still those with dreams. Those who love their country and wish for Indonesia to stand dignified, led by honorable leaders, standing on our own feet. Dignified, strong, just, and prosperous. These are our collective aspirations.

Awaken and rally support from those around you. Meet and enlighten your family, your friends, your neighbors. Make them aware and convince them. Explain the principles and facts contained in this book. Encourage them, inspire them to actively participate in our democracy.

Inform the people that our nation is not impoverished. Tell them there are solutions to our nation’s problems. Let them know this book contains conviction and an understanding of how to manage the economy.

In your struggle, never ridicule or denigrate others. Instead, believe in ourselves and always guide the people. Tell them what is right is right, and ultimately, the truth will prevail.

Remember, the more knowledgeable we are, the stronger we become. The more we humble ourselves, the more we lower our hearts—not in self-doubt but in humility. The more we are slandered, the more polite we become. The more we are defamed, the more upright we stand.

There’s no need to repay hatred with hatred. There’s no time for hatred. Let those who are evil be judged by a power greater than all of us, a power above.

Let us believe in the power below, the power of the Indonesian people, which will always support what is right.

My brothers and sisters, our people are not foolish. They think with their hearts. They will always support us, provided we constantly improve ourselves, strengthen our roots among the people, always be a source of truth, always defend the truth, always provide solutions to the people’s problems, and never become a source of destruction.

We must not remain silent when we witness falsehood and injustice. And when we see oppression against the less fortunate, we cannot remain silent. We must not be afraid to defend the weak and the left behind.

Nor should we fight merely for a position of power. Positions of authority must be claimed honorably, legitimately, constitutionally, democratically, by those whose hearts are truly with the nation.