Whatever Your Political Leanings, We Can Still Work Together

Whatever Your Political Leanings, We Can Still Work Together

By: Prabowo Subianto, excerpted from “National Transformation Strategy: Towards Golden Indonesia 2045,” pages 235-239, fourth softcover edition.

My brothers and sisters, much of what I’ve shared in this book may come across as bitter. That’s why I founded the GERINDRA Party, a mass political party led by ideologically driven cadres.

What ideology? GERINDRA’s ideology is anchored in the principles of August 17, 1945, the 1945 Constitution, and Pancasila as the guarantors of national harmony and unity.

GERINDRA stands to offer hope to our people. It exists to combat efforts that perpetuate poverty within the Indonesian nation.

Founded with extraordinary speed, within just a few weeks, yet earning immense trust from the people, I believe GERINDRA’s rapid acceptance is due to its genuine desire to provide an alternative for our nation.

We must not allow our beloved country and society to remain impoverished. A nation of servants, subordinates, borrowers, beggars. A nation without savings, where the youth are devoid of hope.

GERINDRA was established to reclaim Indonesia for its people.

GERINDRA rejects the notion that we are a poor nation. Indonesia is not impoverished. It is a nation whose wealth continually flows abroad.

This book, and my speeches, aim to enlighten, not to offer false promises. I stand on the democratic stage because I believe we must return to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

As I’ve outlined in this book, I am convinced that the 1945 Constitution contains the formula for Indonesia’s resurgence.

Bung Karno was right. Our nation must be courageous. Only a people brave enough to safeguard their own wealth and prosperity will achieve true prosperity.

If you’re already a member of another party, or if you’re currently serving in the TNI/POLRI and cannot participate in politics, that’s okay. Let’s work hard, shoulder to shoulder, filling in where needed, building communication. I believe, and always say, GERINDRA must be friendly with all patriotic forces throughout Indonesia. I am convinced that there are good, patriotic people who love their country in all parties.

We need to foster communication, build friendships, and eventually demonstrate tangible proof of our commitment to the people.

Our struggle isn’t just about securing electoral seats. Seats in the legislature, local councils, governorships, mayoralties, ministries, the presidency – these are important because gaining governmental trust allows us to realize our dreams. But we must look beyond just that.

Regardless of whether you’re with GERINDRA Party or not, all of us, whose hearts are painted in Red and White (Indonesian national flag), must become both an economic and social force. We need to be present in the lives of the people. Present in the rice fields, in the valleys, in the villages, and in the impoverished areas.

We must defend those who are struggling. If you can’t help many, start with helping a few. And if even a few is too much, then help just one person.

If you find you cannot help even one person, at the very least, educate and awaken those around you to the fact that Indonesia must stand on its own feet again. We must refuse to be a nation of servants, continuously humiliated.

Now is the time for you to be a teacher among the people. Instill the realization that God Almighty will not change the condition of a people unless they change it themselves.

I ask those of you who wish to join me in fighting for and defending the values of goodness, the values of defending Indonesia, the values of building a true and just Indonesia for our children and grandchildren, let us continue to fight together in unity and solidarity. Let us always base our actions on our constitution, never resorting to violence.

I do not know, among all who read this book, how many will choose to fight alongside me. And for those who prefer to observe from the sidelines, that’s okay too.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with my thoughts. If, after reading this book, you decide to join my fight, I am deeply grateful for your support.

Believe that as long as you see me as a friend, I will be your ally. I will fight with you. I will remain loyal to you, for I believe you are loyal to the Indonesian people, to the Indonesian nation, and to the ideals of Indonesian independence.

May the Almighty God bless our struggle, and may we always remain strong, our faith firm, our conviction steadfast, our courage unyielding in our love and defense of our homeland so that, at least, the dreams of our Founding Fathers may be realized in the 100th year of Indonesian independence in 2045.

Let us never forget our history. That we come from a brave nation. A nation that bows to no one. A nation with honor. A nation with aspirations. A nation that desires to live as equals among other nations.

This is my struggle, my dream, my resolve. This dream can only become reality if we consistently implement Pancasila Economics and the right development programs.

We must have the courage and ability to secure and save Indonesia’s wealth. If we lack the bravery or ability to stop our wealth from flowing overseas, our country can never become prosperous.

We must have the courage and ability to realize a democracy that truly comes from and serves the people, ensuring that whoever is elected through the democratic process has the capacity to make the best policies for Indonesia.

Peace be upon you, and God’s mercy and blessings. Peace. Shalom. Om santi, santi, santi om. Namo buddhaya.


Prabowo Subianto