Surat Ketua DPRD Menyita Perhatian Pribadi, Abaikan Kemajuan Daerah

Surat Ketua DPRD Menyita Perhatian Pribadi, Abaikan Kemajuan Daerah

ASKARA – Ketua DPRD Sulawesi Barat, Suraidah Suhardi, suddenly sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, which went viral and became a hot topic among the public.

The letter with number T/100.1.2/285/2024 turned out to contain a rejection of the extension of Prof Zudan Arif Fakrulloh’s tenure as Acting Governor of West Sulawesi.

The letter was considered to be contrary to the actual situation, causing reactions from various parties. One of them is Ahyar, the chairman of HMI Badko Sulselbar.

According to him, the strategic decisions of the West Sulawesi DPRD must be decided collectively and collegially, without any individual actions without proper discussion mechanisms according to regulations.

“I am surprised by the attitude of the West Sulawesi DPRD chairman. Criticisms should be directed towards executive policies that do not favor the interests of the general public, instead of personal interests that are not fulfilled. The framing that there is turmoil within the West Sulawesi DPRD due to the governor’s envoy by the president is inappropriate,” Ahyar said to the media on Tuesday, April 16.

“However, if we look at the media, all the leadership elements of the West Sulawesi DPRD appreciate Prof Zudan’s achievements during his time in West Sulawesi. I, too, if given the opportunity to assess it objectively, see that we are very fortunate to have an Acting Governor like Mr. Zudan. He has made many positive changes, such as emphasizing discipline and work ethic among civil servants, especially department heads, and eliminating collusion in the transactional placement of provincial officials,” he added.

Ahyar emphasized that personal interests must be set aside for the progress of the region. “We must truly utilize the presence of central government representatives, because it is very difficult for us to find a leader like him to drive the progress of our region,” he concluded.

“It is different when suppose Mr. Zudan is not trustworthy and does not provide positive things and progress for our region, then we can criticize together, let alone ask to be withdrawn, if necessary we can expel from West Sulawesi, but this we can see and feel the impact by ourselves, extraordinary,” he elaborated.

He also questioned why the West Sulawesi DPRD chairman does not seem to support positive things for the region. “The DPRD chairman should be more objective and professional in giving criticism. If he really wants to give criticism,” he stated.

He instead hoped that the DPRD chairman truly sided with the improvement of the region. “Please write to the Attorney General’s Office or the president that the Manakarra Stadium case has not been handled professionally by the West Sulawesi Attorney General’s Office, we request for an evaluation, this is actually the right thing to do, because there is state money misused there,” he said.

“This DPRD chairman is strange, his deputies appreciate the performance of the Acting Governor, I don’t know what criteria he used for his assessment that it has to be different from his deputies and members, if it were different for the sake of the general public, I would support him. But this is a bit different,” he concluded.