DFSK Mendesain Pikap Listrik dengan Tenaga Lebih dari 1.000 PS untuk Menantang Tesla Cybertruck

DFSK (Dongfeng Sokonindo), a Chinese automotive manufacturer known in Indonesia, has created a concept vehicle that bears a resemblance to the Tesla Cybertruck. The electric pickup prototype from Dongfeng was first showcased at the Beijing Auto Show 2024, which took place from April 25 to May 5.

The introduction of this Cybertruck-like concept vehicle could be the initial step for the Chinese automaker to mass-produce it. This move is particularly noteworthy considering the reported technical challenges that prevent Tesla Cybertruck from being sold in China.

The Cybertruck replica from China is based on Dongfeng’s EV skateboard platform. With the substantial EV subsidies in China, the price of this electric pickup is expected to be significantly lower than Tesla’s offering. Reports suggest that the Dongfeng electric pickup will have a power output of 1,310 PS, surpassing the Cyberbeast variant of the Tesla Cybertruck, which stands at 845 PS. However, detailed information about the battery specifications and range is yet to be disclosed by Dongfeng.

Visually, the Dongfeng electric pickup closely resembles the Tesla Cybertruck with its broad flat surfaces, sharp lines, and silver metallic color scheme. Upon closer inspection, the Chinese replica features smoother surfaces due to specific contours. The front fascia of the concept vehicle boasts a rugged bumper adorned with DRL LED and LED headlights on either side. An LED bar, thicker than the one on the Cybertruck, is located near the windshield, serving as part of the main lighting system. The DFSK logo is prominently displayed in the center front.

The dual-cabin design of the vehicle incorporates Suicide Doors on the sides, which are attention-grabbing. It also features automatically opening foot steps when the doors are activated. The futuristic-shaped wheels with large mud-train tires make the vehicle suitable for traversing various rough terrains.

At the rear, the vehicle has a multifunctional tent on the bed that can be easily opened or closed for practical usage during outdoor adventures. The rear end reveals dual-sided rear cargo doors, LED bar taillights, and a central running text feature, adding to the vehicle’s appeal.

Moving to the interior, the Cybertruck-inspired design showcases a futuristic off-road vehicle concept. The combination of cream, black, and orange colors creates a minimalist interior. The flat and top-bottom-shaped steering wheel houses a large screen behind it, which serves as the meter cluster and is connected to the head unit. Given its extreme off-road capabilities, there is a handgrip at the end of the dashboard. The semi-bucket seats resemble those found in spacecraft.

Overall, the Dongfeng electric pickup presents an intriguing alternative to the Tesla Cybertruck, combining futuristic design elements with practical off-road features.

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